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An Eye into the Future

The video surveillance landscape has changed significantly in recent years—from both technology and a business perspective. Powered by the wide usage of surveillance tools —from CCTV to spy cameras—across industries, the video surveillance market is expected to reach USD 71.28 Billion by 2022. Increasing awareness regarding the benefits of IP-based video surveillance systems, technological innovations and favorable regulatory impositions are the major factors catalyzing the growth of IP surveillance market globally. This is complemented with other factors such as larger data storage capability, data flexibility and scalability features.

Today’s video surveillance systems are not mere a passive analogue CCTV video systems. They are sophisticated network-based IP videosolutions with integrated analytics. These solutions bring in a more proactive approach toward increasing the safety and security, by improving emergency response time, and enhancing investigative capabilities. It is pertinent to mention that during the last 15 years, the video surveillance sector has received more investment to finance R&D programs than any other sectors, which has helped players develop innovative solutions and keep up with competition.

According to experts the markets for HD CCTV cameras, and boxed appliance recorders will grow rapidly. Meanwhile, with the maturity of the Video Surveillance as a service (VSaaS) the key factors driving the market include IT cost containment by major corporates, emergence of data centers, need for centralized data and application management, and integration of technologies like IOT (Internet of Things). On the other side, bandwidth and corporate protocols, network security and high infrastructure cost restrain the market growth of VSaaS market.

Our goal with this special edition is to help organizations discover best-in-class video surveillance solutions. This special edition blends thought-leadership from subject matter experts with real stories on what selected vendors are doing for their client, including exclusive insights from CIOs and CXOs.

    An Eye into the Future

  • A simple, cost-effective cloud video monitoring and storage platform for small businesses and home owners

  • Provides on-demand cloud based video management system for cloud and on-premise recording

  • Provides Real-Time in cab video that monitor drivers’ and passengers’ behavior, to enhance safety and prevent accidents

  • From security to computing the company helps clients improve operational efficiency while protecting both physical and intellectual assets

  • Develops a unique disruptive mobile video surveillance solution, all as a service. Observit works in close collaboration with the world-leading supplier of security cameras, Axis Communications

  • Provides complete cloud-connected video surveillance solutions to commercial, education, and government customers